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Horizontal enamelling machine introduction

In order to meet the requirements of the insulation system of electrical and electrical equipment to the F-class development, adjust the enameled wire product structure, accelerate the development of modified/polyphthalamide self-adhesive enameled wire, polyimide/polyphthalamide phthalocyanine composite coating enameled wire and other heat New enameled wire varieties, it is imperative. Production of high-quality heat-resistant enameled wire, the key is the enameled machine painted road number should be more than 8 times, the production of composite coating enameled wire, the same equipment should have more than two sets of paint equipment, and different evaporation curing temperature baking Road. This is currently the vast majority of domestic horizontal enameled charter, it is not suited to the above requirements. That is, the use of these devices to take the step-by-step production of composite coating enameled wire, but the production cycle is long, raw materials and energy consumption of high product quality is difficult to control.
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