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Vertical enamelling machine control system components and functions

For the charcoal charter production process and the corresponding characteristics of machinery and equipment, the use of industrial control computer composed of enameled machine measurement and control system.
temperature control
Mainly to control the oven baking temperature and catalytic heating and the upper and lower annealing zone heating temperature control. As a result of the use of high temperature exhaust gas as an oven to heat the heat source, the temperature difference between the heating zones of the oven is deepened, and the temperature control is increased. The baking temperature control circuit adopts a flexible control algorithm. During the process of forming the enameled wire, The heating zone in strict accordance with the given furnace temperature curve control baking heating temperature, temperature control accuracy of ± 1%, the district temperature control value can be set at room temperature to 550 ℃ arbitrarily.
Organic solvent vapor combustion control
The combustion control circuit maintains the negative pressure combustion by adjusting the blast flow and the exhaust flow to prevent the harmful gases from escaping into the air and allowing the organic solvent vapor to burn sufficiently.
Sequential control
The sequential control replaces the relay contact control and the manual switching operation, and carries on the logic control and the security protection to the start, the operation and the shutdown process of the equipment in the charter charter system.
System monitoring
On the enameled charcoal oven temperature, furnace pressure, take the speed of 14 points of the analog and disconnection sensors, limit switches, thermal relays and other protective devices, equipment operating status of a total of 22 points of the switch signal Monitoring, fault alarm, and parameters can be set, query and modify.
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