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QHDL1/2-8+8/7+3+2 Single-head draw coil take-up

Main technical parameters:
Limits of wire gauge Φ0.60-2.00mm
Number of wire 8+8
Number of coating tracks 7+3+2
Distance between wires 12.5mm
Take-up spool PT25 60 90 200
Pay-off spool Φ400 or Φ500
Daily power consumption 2000kw.h左右
Main features of the equipment:
1. Save energy and reduce cost: saves more than 50% power, the power consumption per day for the production of Φ1.00mm enamelled wire reduces from the original 2000 degrees to below 1000 degrees.
2. Increase production capacity: the production output is improved by 50% than the original model machine.
3. Protect environment: catalyze combustion and purify the harmful gases and turn waste to wealth. Then use the application of the new technology of oven and softening furnace to truly realize energy saving and cost reducing.
4. Equipment features: durable, stable, convenient, high efficient, environmental protection, no aging and cocking and zero discharge.
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